Saturday, 29 August 2015

Plenty more apples on the tree

There's an apple tree outside my house. It doesn't belong to me but sometimes I pick the apples from it.

I think the piece of land it's on belongs to the council. I think this because someone comes and cuts the grass on a motorised lawn mower every now and then. I'm not sure though because I recently tried to report that part of the tree had fallen down and the council said they weren't responsible for it but thanks for telling them about it anyway.

Anyway, my point was that I was going to talk about the apples. I think they're supposed to be eating apples, but they don't taste very nice so I decided to cook with them.

The first thing I made was apple pie, which was delicious.

Then, I topped some plum tarts with slices of apple, to make "plupple pies". I accidentally partially caramelised the apple slices in the microwave. I put them in a bowl with some sugar and microwaved them to soften them but they were too dry and came out sticky. It worked out OK, though, and they tasted lovely with the stewed plums.

Then today we had apple crumble. No picture because I was hungry and ate it all too quickly.

I tried to stew the rest of the apples I'd picked today and it went a bit wrong. I left the chopped apple in the pan and went to watch TV. When the show ended and I remembered the apples, they'd burnt and stuck to the bottom of the pan! Never mind, there are plenty more apples on the tree.

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