Friday, 28 August 2015

Paris selfie challenge

A couple of weekends ago I went to visit a friend in Paris. Before I went, I asked my husband if he wanted me to get him a souvenir. "Yes," he answered. "Something to prove that you've been there." I suggested a selfie of me at the airport and a map of the Metro. And the selfie challenge was born.

Selfie challenge 1: the airport

Selfie challenge 2: a Metro map

Selfie challenge 3: some French food

This was a nice piece of duck but the potatoes were very garlicky - well, what did I expect from French cooking? The pear tart that followed was also delicious.

Selfie challenge 4: a selfie with my friend

I had to prove that I'd found my friend and wasn't just wandering around on my own. I took and sent a selfie, but it's quite blurry so I'm not uploading it here.

Selfie challenge 5: have a sword fight with a baguette

We went to the boulangerie early in the morning, as is the French way, but we didn't get baguettes, so here I am charging at the camera with a croissant.

Then you eat the croissant, thus disarming her:

Bonus selfies

When we went out for the afternoon, I didn't have any internet access (I wasn't going to pay £1.99 for only 50MB!) so I took a few bonus selfies to show what I'd been doing.

Here we are outside La Creperie de Paris:

And here I am enjoying a very nice ice cream:

Selfie challenge 6: a selfie at church

I'm in focus, even if the stage isn't! This was at Hillsong Paris.

Final photo before boarding the plane

My message to say I was on my way to the airport didn't send until I got into the airport's wifi zone, so I sent a selfie from the duty free shop to say that I was stocking up on some treats:

While I was waiting for my delayed plane, my husband recreated his entire weekend so he could also send me selfies of the how he had spent his time. This included pretending to lift furniture (which had done earlier in the day), pretending to have a conversation with the friend he'd been moving the furniture for (cunningly a photo of only himself) and a photo from the future, of him in the car going to pick me up from the airport.

Don't worry, as well as sending selfies, I did also buy him a present.
Here is my Nicholas with his new DVD, Les vacances du Petit Nicolas.

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