Sunday, 25 November 2012

Things I have learnt today

Things I have learnt today:
  • Minecraft is used in education and can be used to learn about physics and electronics.
  • Minecraft is used in visualising designs for the use of public spaces.
  • Mojang has a Director of Fun.
  • The lead developer of Minecraft might be related to me – he looks like a cross between me (long ginger hair and glasses) and my brother (ginger beard).
  • Geeks like having long hair and beards (are they too lazy to cut their hair or shave, or is it an intentional fashion choice?) and hats (that one must be an intentional fashion choice).
  • Life without much internet access is strange when you're used to checking Facebook and Twitter many times a day or looking things up whenever you want.
  • Doing little more than watching one YouTube video is enough to use up all my roaming data allowance.
  • It was worth using up my data allowance to watch this video and cheer myself up.

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