Saturday, 3 November 2012


I love autumn. My birthday is in autumn and so is my anniversary. It's a time of celebration, bridging the gap between summer and Christmas.

These things about autumn put a smile on my face: the colours of the leaves, the sound and feel of the leaves as I crunch through them in my wellies, the drop in temperature (a change few are in favour of) and the changing of the clocks (a change many are in favour of because they get a lie-in).

Food is a factor: vegetables which we don't get to eat in spring and summer (squash for example); Glitter Berry J2O; porridge for breakfast, which fills me up until lunchtime; apples to make crumble, with lashings of custard.

There are clothes I start to wear in autumn: jumpers and coats to keep in the heat; boots which reach to my knees; hats which cover my ears.

I continue to go for walks. Before leaving the house, I wrap up against the cold and prepare to jump in puddles (hurrah for wellies!). In the garden, an alternative to having a picnic is to light a bonfire and invite friends to watch fireworks and play with sparklers.

The purpose of autumn isn't to prepare us for winter. I find pleasure in autumn for autumn's sake.

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