Sunday, 3 February 2013

The next day (part 5)

“Come on, let’s go.” Delta stood up and motioned for Oscar to do likewise. “I’m taking you to Lady Amelia now. She’ll be able to explain better than me.” And she marched off towards the double doors. Oscar stood motionless for a moment, until Bristol said, “Go on then!”

In the lift, Delta pressed the number five. She was quiet, watching the numbers go up on the screen above the door. When the doors opened onto another pink corridor, she marched off to the left and Oscar hurried to keep up. At the end of the corridor, she knocked twice on a dark, wooden door and waited to hear “Enter” from within before opening the door.

The lady who was seated behind the desk looked a little taken aback when she saw Delta and Oscar appear at the door. She had clearly been writing and had stopped when she looked up, her pen still in her hand, now held up in the air, her elbow resting on the desk.

“Delta,” she said politely.

“Lady Amelia,” Delta said. “This is Oscar Thornton, who I was telling you about earlier.”

“About whom you were telling me,” Lady Amelia said, not unkindly. Delta gave a slight nod and ushered Oscar forward. Lady Amelia rose, set down her pen and came out from behind the desk to shake Oscar’s hand.

“Nice to meet you,” Oscar said nervously as he took Lady Amelia’s hand. It was cool but soft.

“Likewise,” Lady Amelia said. “Delta has told me a little about you, about how you met and why she brought you here. We thought it best that I explain where you are and what is going on. Delta, will you be joining us?”

“Um, no, I have things to be doing.”

“Very well. Oscar?” Lady Amelia indicated two armchairs in the corner of the room, to the right of the door, a small coffee table between them and a drinks cabinet behind. Oscar gave a little wave as Delta left, then joined Lady Amelia in the corner.

“Would you like a drink?” Lady Amelia asked when Oscar sat down.

“Coffee would be nice.”

A few moments later a waitress appeared as if from nowhere with cups and saucers on a tray, along with a coffee pot, sugar bowl and delicate jug of milk. The crockery was in keeping with the décor of the room: mostly white but embellished with pale pink roses. It was quite elegant and suited Lady Amelia very well.

“I have much to tell you,” Lady Amelia said when they both had cups of steaming coffee in front of them. “Why don’t we start, however, with you telling me what you have experienced over the past 24 hours?”

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