Monday, 13 August 2012

I don't love you like Snape loves Lily

I love you like Snape loves Lily
My dear, you will be pleased to hear that I do not love you like Snape loves Lily.
I find it creepy that Snape is so obsessed with Lily.  It's great that he protects Harry right to the end, but unnerving to think that he just couldn't let go of the idea of her.  It doesn't feel like the kind of love where you care about someone and want the best for them; it feels like the kind of infatuation where you selfishly want something for yourself.

Snape was Lily's friend from the age of 10.  He had plenty of chance to be her friend and to develop that friendship but he made some bad choices.  The bad choices started with him insulting her sister, continued with him disliking her boyfriend (although that wasn't all his fault) and finished with him getting involved with the death eaters.

I don't love you like Neville loves Herbology, or like Hermione loves books, either.  The difference is that our love is mutual.

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