Thursday, 30 July 2009

How do I make other people's pennies drop?

I love it when the penny drops and I finally understand something which people have been explaining to me for a long time.  This has happened to me twice recently.

  1. I understand what it means to be saved, that the need for salvation isn't a result of my own actions but because of the fall and the fact that human beings are inconsistent and not perfect, and that I don't contribute to my salvation at all - that all I have to do is accept what Jesus has done and reap the benefits.

  2. I understand what it means to be redeemed, that we don't redeem ourselves but that Jesus redeems us.

Sometimes I want to scream from the rooftops, "I get it now and it feels great!  I know that I am saved and that I have been redeemed!  And I know what it means!"

Because I came to these conclusions on my own, I wonder whether I can make a difference to other people's understanding of things like this.  I can reason all I want, but will I get through to you?

Maybe my role is to sow seeds and then wait for them to blossom.  I am grateful to those who sowed seeds for me, those who kept talking about salvation and redemeption, so that even though I didn't get it at the time, I now feel so blessed that I am saved and redeemed.

Thank you to the sowers: you are my inspiration.

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